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DMV Near Me allows you to find Department of Motor Vehicles near you that are open now, below there is a list of states and cities, with information about the locations and the opening hours of all the DMV offices in the US.

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How to find DMV locations and hours

With the help of, finding the closest DMV branch locations, hours and phone numbers is not a problem anymore, all you have to do is follow the instructions below, and you will see a list of the local offices in your zip code, including the contact information of the bureaus in your area.


  1. Choose your state on the home page of this site.
  2. Choose your city on the next page you visit.
  3. View a list of all DMV offices near you now.
  4. Select the nearest office to view the DMV hours of operation.


  • Contact the office by phone and schedule an appointment to prevent long wait times.
  • Ask about the DMV services that's available at the local bureau.
  • View the hours to make sure the DMV is open today / tomorrow.
  • Use the maps on the branches pages to see where the DMV is located and to get directions.


The information available on this site includes the name, street address and phone number of the DMV office (NAP), the opening and closing hours of each location, a Google map for driving directions and walking distance, and additional information about the place, such as services, waiting times and more.

DMV open today near me

Whether if it's Sunday, Saturday, a holiday, or any other given day, by using this website, you will be able to locate DMV places close by, and figure out which department of motor vehicles is open.

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If you are a new driver whom just got his driver license, or an experienced driver with great driving skills, and you need to find a driver's license office open near you, this website can assist you by helping you to find DMV nearby your location in the main cities in the United States, feel free to use it whenever you're looking for your local office, for more information about this site click here.